Veterans who are trying to navigate the complex bureaucracy of the Veterans’ Administration can enlist the aid of a skilled veterans’ law attorney to greatly increase their chances of a favorable outcome.  The legal training and experience of an attorney who is familiar with these kind of cases, as well as disability law and medical issues is invaluable in determining if a veterans’ claim has merit, and what the best evidence and legal arguments are to prove that claim.

Membership in NOVA (National Organization of Veterans’ Advocates) is a key indicator that an attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in veterans’ claims. Members must be:

  • actively engaged in representing claimants pursuing VA benefits and accredited by the VA;
  • must agree to minimum standards of practice in representation of a veteran, including thorough review of the claims folder and timely filings and responses to all VA and Court designated timeframes for filings, pleadings, and motions;
  • must attend one Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course specific to veterans’ law, and certify attendance and accreditation to NOVA.  Sustaining member must attend periodic NOVA national conferences where experienced practitioners gather to share ideas and learn about new developments in the law.

Joel Fenton is an attorney who practices in veterans’ benefits law, and is a sustaining member of NOVA.  Contact Joel to discuss your claim for benefits at (515) 480-1542 or