There are a number of hidden nuggets of information in most claim files that help your representative get to the key issues in the case.  One of these is the ‘code sheet’ – a document that is generally prepared along with a ratings decision.  The code sheet is the VA’s shorthand reference to important data from a veteran’s entire record.  Think of it as a road map detailing the VA’s route to a denial or a minimal grant of disability.  By examining the described effective dates, impairment ratings, and opinions regarding issues such as service-connectedness and degree of disability, I can generally pinpoint the critical issues that need developed in the case.

The Compensation and Pension Exam is another event where full documentation may only exist in the depths of the claim file.  You’d think that records from this exam would be part of the veteran’s medical record, or something that is routinely given to the veteran as part of his or her care.  This isn’t commonly the case.  Many denials are rooted in an adverse C&P Exam report – it’s critical to get a copy and see what evidence needs to be supplied to overcome a conclusion that there is no nexus between the disability claimed and military service.

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