Recent data indicates that, on average, 20 veterans commit suicide in the United States every day.  The problem is even more pronounced among younger veterans.

The VA has taken steps to address the issue, including expansion of staffing at the crisis hotline (800) 273-8255, an increase in efforts to identify veterans who are at risk for serious mental health issues, and creating more positions for mental health counselors as well as telephone-based therapy.

Mental health issues are a serious problem and can be the basis for disability claims.  Many veterans have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, depression, or other mental health related issues.  These can stem from combat experience, traumatic head injury as a result of combat or non-combat injuries, exposure to chemical or other agents as a result of military service, or sexual abuse or violence that occurs when a veteran was on duty.

Joel Fenton can assist you in evaluating a claim related to mental health issues, as well as the difficult process of documenting the service-connectedness of such a claim (if required); developing medical, lay, and military records evidence; and demonstrating the effect of mental illness on work and daily life in order to document its disabling effects.  Call him today at (515) 480-1542, or e-mail him at to discuss or set up an appointment to review your claim.